Belajar Di Rumah Kelas 9 2020 (Bagian 1)

Date : 17 MARCH 2020

Materi : Report text
Activity 1, Task : 1
Petunjuk : Read the text below carefully. Writedown the underlined word on your book then translated them!

Virus Corona setelah diperbesar dalam penglihatan


Virus was a microscopic parasite which is infected all types bilogical cell organism. Virus literally can only be produced in a living material invading and joining in others organisms because they have no cellular materials for reproducing. In the inang cell, virus is an obligated parasite and cannot live outside the inang. Virus usually consists of a few nucleus acid. Most viruses are so tiny they are only observable with at least a conventional optical microscope. Viruses infect all types of organism, including animals and plant.

Approximately 5000 different viruses have been described in detail at the current time, although it was known that there are millions of distinct type. Viruses were key in the carbon cycle. Their role in ocean biochemistry includes microbiological metabolic including decomposition processes.
Viruses consisted of two or three parts: a helical molecule, protein coat and sometimes a viral wrapper. All viruses have genes constructed from either deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA) long helical molecules that carry genetic information. All viruses have a protein coat that protects these genes, and some are wrapped in a viral envelope of fat that surrounds them when they are outside a cell.
Most viruses are approximately one hundred times smaller than an average bacterium. The origins of viruses in the evolutionary history of life are unclear.

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